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Held Family Researchers

There are six children of Johann David and Christina Held that had families. The following lists identify those members of these six families who have identified themselves. Those names underlined have email addresses. By clicking on those names you may send a message. Not all of these individuals are researchers, but they all seem interested in the Held family research.

Regina Held-Joseph Frantz

James King

Lisa Kiehl

Christine Hendrix

Johann Georg Held-Helena Wall

David Hawthorne

Mark Held

Fred Held

Betsy Waxman

Keith and Lisa Blackburn

Jakob Friedrich Held-Mary Ann Shaeffer

Dorothy Held

April Thorson

Barbara DiMarco

Dolores Yost

G. Craig Hill

Georgia McClellan

Christian Friedrich Held-Susannah Amanda Lessig

Fred H. Held

Janet Brenesal

Jean Klanica

Scott Eshelman

Marcie Tolman

James Longcoy

Daniel Caulk

Wendy S Caulk

Debbie Moore

Brenda Sheive

Louisa Catharine Held-Samuel Kunkle

None Known

Hiram Held-Isabella Young

Edgar Blair Held

Johann David and Christina Held Ancestors

David Hawthorne

Fred H. Held

Jürgen Emmler - Karlsruhe, Germany

Roy L. Cordingley

George Messerschmidt

Jim Oberacker

Andreas Gayde

Werner Kaag - Karlsruhe, Germany 

Karl Ludwig Hönle of Donaueschingen, Germany Letter