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Hello Fred,

thank four your letter, dated 22 October 1998.

Years ago I did a lot of genealogie. My mother's line is the Held line, located around Biesingen, Öfingen. I systematically put the Individuals (and famylies) out of the Church Records from Öfingen.
Hundreds of names are now filed in Salt Lake City at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). They are available on CD-ROM for public access at local Church family Centers. I am sure there will be one near where you live. ALL of my Data you can research there easily.
At the moment I do no genealogical research, the data are not mounted on my computer right now.
Between about 1620 and 1650 there is a great gap (known as the 30 year war) which cannot be bridged by official records. At the genealocial Center you will also find Held datas from me which were dated back to about 1550, and a single Held goes back about 1220 which I found in Villingen
(I saw this old document with my own eyes). But there is no sincereness that those Helds are connected with our Held line.

In my manuscript I have your direct liner MICHAEL HELD born 15 sept 1679 in BIESINGEN, mother ANNA. I wonder If   I did not typed it into the computer record. Could you verify the entry of Michael in the LDS file again, please ? (Maybe I entered him as individual but not in a family
Also I have a remark at HANS and ANNA that they had children for a period over 37 years, the problem is unsolved, may be this are two complete different families or Hans married aganin a second wife called  ANNA.
There I have a death entry on 14. december 1653 of Heinrich, father HANS HELD. Do you have a Heinrich as brother of Michael, 15. sept. 1679 ?
A further death entry on 19. may 1671 shows a HANS HELD in the age of 91 years, 10 weeks and 2 days.
Death entry on 14 mar 1678 Michael Held, father Hans Held, age 1 year 10 weeks.
Death entry on 22 dec 1686 Hans Held, age of 59 years.
Marriage entry Hans Held, born about 1594, married about 1619 MRS Held, born about 1598
You should find the datas above (and more) on the LDS-CD-ROM
Thats all I can tell you at this time. Hope you are successful in identifying more of your anchestors.
sincerly yours

Karl Ludwig

PS: Sie sprechen ausgezeichnetes Deutsch, pflegen Sie die Sprache in Ihrer Familie ?