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November 2000

At the reunion I gave gratis copies of the Held family book to be placed in the Apollo History Museum and the Kittanning History Museum. After we got home I mailed copies to the Leechburg Museum and the Indiana History Museum. I also mailed copies to Jürgen Emmler (Karlsruhe), Werner Kaag (Remchingen near Karlsruhe), and Karl-Ludwig Hönle (Donaueschingen) in Germany. In addition. I send an extra copy to Werner to place in a local archive in Mönsheim, Aurich, or Vaihingen and one to the pastor in Öfingen for his church library.

Cousin Suzanne Bruce called to coordinate the results of the reunion. She asked for the names and addresses of the attendees, which I had entered into my database, along with the family updates I had received. I sent them to her. She also mentioned that a Carol (Ashbaugh) Buckley of San Antonio had called and asked about the reunion. (Carol is the sister of Georgia Sue (Ashbaugh) McClellan that I had so much trouble contacting in March.) They had given her my address. A couple days later a check came in the mail from her brother, Harold Ashbaugh, asking for a copy of the Held book. On the letterhead cousin Harold had an email address. Needless to say there have been several communications with him since.

I am now down to 1 copy of the Held Family Book.

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