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October 2000

11 Oct

We were to leave this morning for western Pennsylvania. We found that our daughter, Karen, was having medical problems and was put into the hospital. Karen only lives about 25 miles from our home, so we stayed to see what the prognosis was. It was her gall bladder and they decided to remove it. We stayed until Thursday (12 Oct) after the operation was done to depart. We finally left about 11:30am, making it a long day to PA.

13 Oct

After arriving at Susanne and Ed Bruce's home Ed and I decided to print some family trees to post up at the reunion. We spent several hours Friday evening printing and cutting and pasting the pages to generate the 6 descendant family trees. A couple were 15 or more pages.

14 Oct

Susanne and Ed Bruce had done an excellent job setting up the reunion. Originally we were to have it in the Burrell Twp fire hall across the road from their home. But, for several reasons, including the $200 price, they decided at the last minute to move it to St. Michaels Evangelical Church about a mile north. The facility there included a fellowship hall that was great for dining and visiting. The sanctuary adjoins the the fellowship hall and is separated by a glass wall. The sanctuary was used as a lecture hall. Several presentations were given, including mine on the ancestors and descendants of Johann David and Christina Held.

See the reunion report.

Many of the family members who drove in stayed for church services the next day.

I had had 50 copies of my family book printed. Over half were sold at the reunion for the cost of printing - $15. When we got home, I sent copies to our cousins in Germany and to the church in Öfingen that requested a copy. There were also several other requests on my email and snail mail when we got home. We sent gratis copies to the local historical societies in Pennsylvania and to the family members (both PA and Germany).

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