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May 2000


Today I contacted Glenn Geisheimer and offered to take over the Held webpage on RootsWeb. Glenn is the listmaster for about 15 pages, and he wanted some relief. I was glad to do it. The main page is now at  Held Mailing List Web Site. In addition to the main page there are links to other Held research information, such as a  Held Queries. There is also an associated maillist that has both a digest mode and list mode.

List mode is one message at a time when sent to the list, digest mode is an accumulation of messages sent when a volume has been reached or on a schedule. At this time, because of the low traffic, the digest mode and list mode are about the same. To subscribe to the digest mode send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the body. To subscribe to the list mode send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the body.


Today I gave away my last child, daughter Lisa, in marriage. Not one of my four children had a very traditional marriage. Janet got married at an old boy scout camp, now city park, in Raleigh, NC at the outdoor chapel with the reception in the dining hall. Karen's wedding was in a church and was the most traditional, but had hand bells and bagpipe music (Scot ancestry). Fred's was on a cliff overlooking the Jack's Fork River and was concluded by the bride and groom jumping off the cliff into the river. Lisa's was at a canoe access point on the Meramec River at Onondaga Cave State Park, and the groom's clothing was bib overalls (the other choice was chest high fishing waders).

Needless to say, not much genealogy has been accomplished in the last few weeks.


I was working on trying to finish the family tree so I could have it published by the time of the Held reunion in August. I was having trouble deciphering Blair Held's notes on the Margaret Gladys Held part of the Jacob Held family. Because of an out of sequence Nelson as Blair had recorded them, I could not tell if Margaret Gladys Held had 3 or 4 families. I made a quick trial search for the Margaret Gladys Held part of the Held family on the FTM Family Finder Report and lo-and-behold I got a hit on 15 names at one place. A Joe A. Cline had recently submitted his family tree that includes this branch of the Jacob Held family to World Family Trees and it was published on volume 51 tree # 2551 (one of the latest). (I own WFTs through volume 42. I will only buy them in super bundles when the price is $12 each, rather than the normal $40 each.)

The same Joe A. Cline also had a webpage at the Family Tree Maker site, however the email address given is no longer valid. I tried Ferret to see if he had another and another did appear to be his, but it also was no longer valid. He had a FAX number listed on the FTM webpage and I tried to send a FAX to make contact.


An email arrived fro G. Craig Hill today with a family tree of the Roberta Alverda Held branch of the Jacob Held family. This is apparently a response to my inquiry to an email I sent to his mother Thelma LeOra (Harmon) Hill in January. Craig has been added to the family research list.

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