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January 2000


I received an email out of the blue today from a Werner Kaag who lives in the Aurich area with a GEDCOM attached. He indicated that the Maria Catharina Koyon I had in my tree was really Maria Catharina Kaag. Maria Catharina was the second wife of old Michael Held. I went back to the copy of the church book page and it very likely could be Kagin, the feminine form of Kag (Kaag). The wedding record had ink spilled on it so it was unreadable. It took a little effort to work his GEDCOM data to a usable form. He used a practice of spelling the Surnames in all caps with a space between each letter. That took a while to fix. He also did not have an estimated birth date for everyone in the database, if one was not known. I added estimated birthdates. His data do mesh with the Held tree. Actually there is more that one connection in the colateral families, especially the Jürgen Emmer and George Messerschmidt families.


As promised, Ian Sandham came through with information on the Alice Sandham family.


The only information that we have on Thomas Forbes, June's grandfather, is that he was 25 years old at the time of his wedding, he was born in Scotland, and his father was James. Using this information we tried the General Register Office for Scotland (GROS). This is a pay-for-view (£6 or $10 for a 24 hour window of access), online, database of suposedly all of the church records in Scotland. Once you see some records you would like, you can order copies for £10 or about $16 each. There was only one Thomas Forbes, born in Scotland, son of James, in the right period. The mother of this Thomas Forbes was Jane Minty (Mintie). We ordered some of the documents for this Thomas Forbes, James Forbes, and Jane Minty.

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