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December 1999


Marion Sim responded to an inquiry about how to get British birth certificates. She also indicated a couple of online search sites that might help: GENUKI (Genealogy - United Kingdom and Ireland) and Ashton Emery's site. In searching them I found another site: the General Register Office for Scotland. The Scotland site seems to be a online search engine of the complete index of the church register entries of all of Scotland. It is a "pay-for-view." You give them a credit card number and you get access for 24 hours for £6 or about US$10. During that time you can download 30 "pages" of 15 records each. You can also order the actual records for £10 or about US$16 each. June say we will try it after the first of the year, when she is not so busy with Christmas.

Using GENUKI I found several contacts for the different families she is researching. I sent three inquiries.


Received responses from all three inquiries (how unusual). Two were no information, but one is a very positive lead. The positive lead is the Sandham family one. The researcher, Ian Sandham of Manchester, indicated he had information about Alice Sandham and family, but did not know who she married and only aproximately when. He has more family information and promises to send more data after the holidays. He asked for the information we have and where we found it.

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