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November 1999


I checked the information at my local LDS Family History Center on how to search the 1881 British census. It was very unclear on how to go about doing it and the librarians did not know how. The librarians also did not know anything about a set of 1881 British census CDs. In browsing the LDS FamilySearch website I found I could order them for US$33 plus S&H, so I did. Wow, it was 25 CDs in a nice CD booklet - the complete 1881 British census. And, it works reasonable well, as far as searches. We found leads to several of June's Forbes and associated families, the Sandhams and the James, and maybe the Yoxons. The next step of search is to order the microfilms of the churches where they may have belonged to get the birth/batptism and marriage data. We also intend to order the birth certificates, because they sometimes give more detailed information than the church data in that era.

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