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April 1999


The LDS Family Search website is finally online. I was looking forward to using the Family History Library Catalog. Apparently the people installing the databases felt that the Ancestry File and the IGI were more important than the FHLC, because they are active but the FHLC is not. It's strange because the Ancestry files and the IGI are probably 25-30 CDs worth of data and the FHLC is only 1 CD. The FHLC is "the" card file for everything in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT.

However, the Ancestry File has been productive. I've found 2 more generations back on the Held/Höld line from Sindelfingen. Old Adolf's full name appears to be Adolf Hans Jacob Held from Zabern, Alsaß (now Saverne, Alsace, France). This is in our direct ancestry line, but is not where our Held name comes from. Our connection to this Held line is via Philipp Joachim Held who married Magdalena Wanner of Sindelfingen, d/o Johann Jacob Wanner and Maria Dorothea Held/Höld.

1   Michael Held b: Bef. 1554 Zabern, Alsaß
.  +Anna ? b: Bef. 1554 Zabern ?
 2   Urban Held b: Abt. 1580 Zabern, Alsaß  d: 23 Aug 1628 Zabern, Alsaß
....  +Catharina Scholl b: Abt. 1580 Zabern, Alsaß
... 3   Adolf Hans Jacob Held b: 16 Feb 1609 Zabern, Alsaß  d: 03 Jul 1681 Sindelfingen Boblingen Wurtemberg
......  +Magdalena Bausch b: Abt. 1607 Öschingen Rottenberg Würtemberg m: Abt. 1642 in der Nähe von Leonberg d: 23 Sep 1671 Sindelfingen Boblingen Wurtemberg
... 3   Julianne Held b: 03 Dec 1616 Zabern, Alsaß

For those that are decendants to John David Held and Susie Edna Riggle, I've found a few more ancestors back that line along the Markle line via the LDS Ancestry File. Actually there are a lot more, 8 generations. Some of these need to be researched a little more, if only to refine the appropriate names of the places of birth. There was no such place as Germany in 1430. Actually Germany did not come into being until 1871 (see  German genealogy: Regional Research ). In 1640 Metz was part of the Republic of Metz and not part of France. During this same period the area we call Loraine was the Duchy of Lothringen, an independent area.

 1   Heinrich Merklin  b: Abt. 1430 Gleschendorf, Luebeck, Germany
....  +Anna ?  b: Abt. 1433
 2   Johannes Merklin  b: 1458 Luebeck, Germany
......  +Martha Doppelstein  b: Abt. 1462 Stendal, Sachsen, Prussia
.. 3   Oswald Merklin  b: 18 March 1490 Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France
........  +Hildegard Blumel  b: Abt. 1500 Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France m: 07 December 1535
.... 4   Hans Merklin  b: 16 October 1538 Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France
..........  +Johanna ?  b: Abt. 1550 Strasbourg, Bas-Rhin, France
....... 5   Christian Merkel  b: 1576 Strassburg , France  d: 17 January 1643 Metz, Lorraine
.............  +Christianna Munich  b: 1580 Metz, Lorraine m: 07 January 1606 Metz, Lorraine
......... 6   Peter Merkel  b: 14 August 1607 Metz, Lorraine
...............  +Sophia Maria Beaudoin  b: 1611 Metz, Lorraine m: 19 September 1639
........... 7   Peter Merkel  b: 17 August 1640 Metz, Lorraine, France
.................  +Magdalena Coehorn  b: Abt. 1640 Sweden m: 24 February 1672
.............. 8   Johann Christopher Markle aka: John Christopher Markle b: 19 July 1678 Merzig, Saarland  d: 22 May 1766 Moselem Springs , Richmond Twp, Berks Co, PA
....................  +Anna Germina Wertz aka: Anne Jemima Wurtzen b: Abt. 1682 Holland m: Holland
................ 9   Anna Francina Markle aka: Anne Frankina Markle b: 1728 Northampton, PA  d: 13 July 1782 Franklin Twp. , Westmoreland, PA
......................  +Michael Rugh  b: 05 January 1723 Gumbrechtshoffen, Alsace-Lorraine m: WFT Est. 1738-1769 d: 28 March 1820 Franklin Twp. , Westmoreland, PA
.................. 10   Peter Ruch aka: Peter Rugh b: 17 August 1747 Northampton (now Lehigh) Co PA  d: 22 December 1828 Greensburg Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA
........................  +Maria Margaretha Keister aka: Margaret Keister b: 27 November 1753 Westmoreland Co, PA m: 1772 Heidelburg Twp, Adams Co, PA d: 12 April 1831 Greensburg, PA
..................... 11   Anna Francina Ruch aka: Franzina Ruch b: 11 March 1785 Westmoreland Co, PA  d: 29 March 1852 Bell Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA
...........................  +Abraham Bowman  b: 1782 Northampton Co, PA m: 1800 d: 1850
....................... 12   George W. Bowman aka: George Bauman b: 15 April 1813 Greensburg, PA  d: 31 August 1893 Leechburg, PA
.............................  +Sarah Turney aka: Sarah Dorney b: 20 August 1815 m: Abt. 1835 d: 13 January 1892 Leechburg, PA
......................... 13   Lydia Bowman  b: 25 July 1854 Armstrong Co, PA  d: 07 March 1944 Leechburg, Armstrong Co, PA
...............................  +Henry J. Riggle  b: 1844 m: Abt. 1880 d: 22 May 1915
............................ 14   Susie Edna Riggle  b: 09 April 1883 Armstrong Co, PA  d: 28 June 1952 Leechburg, Armstrong Co, PA


On Thursday 4/9 my email on Freewwweb stopped. On Sunday 4/11 I could no longer log onto the local connection point. It took me until Tuesday to find that FreeWWWeb turned me off for a month, because they said I abused the service. To quote their employee Peter Hunter, I was on for 20 hours in one day. I doubt that I was on for 20 hours, but I have little recourse but to "bad mouth" the service and no longer recommend it to my friends. I will also take other actions that FreeWWWeb may not like.


There has been a free WWW service being touted by the Bloomsberg morning program on PBS called NetZero. I had previously downloaded their software, after being directed there by my brother-in-law, Dan Caulk, some time ago. However, I was concerned with interference with my FreeWWWeb connection software, so I never tried it. My suspicions were correct, there was interference. After a 45 minute call to to their help center in CA at prime day telephone rates, I finally got NetZero working for web access. The only drawback is the 1"X6" add that is not removable from the display area, but may be moved anywhere on the screen. Remember, it is totally free. (Now I hope FreeWWWeb works when that come back.)


I finally got the Netscape Messenger email to work on NetZero. The help information on the NetZero web pages were for a previous version of Netscape and did not apply. It took some "fiddling" and guessing to make it work. Temporarily I have a new email address. I really would like to use FreeWWWeb as my primary address. In a test to see what FreeWWWeb is doing with my email, I found they were not immediately bouncing them.


Yesterday I sent a message to the Baden-Wuerttemberg message board asking if anyone had access to the Tumlingen Ortssippenbuch and specifically about the Jacob Guth family. I received two responses, one was a copy of the actual data out of the book.

Subject: Re: Guth in Tumlingen Ortsippenbuch
Date:    Tue, 27 Apr 1999 16:28:44 -0400
From:    mstaude <>

There is only one listing for Guth in the Tumlingen Ortsippenbuch, with no futher information on the children:

Hans Jakob GUTH, Maier auf dem oesterreichischem Schafhof, *um 1639 zu Oberland im Zuericher Graubinth, +5.Epiph. 1674 Tumlingen, Eltern: Jakob Guth und Barbara oo Eva RUSS, *23.11.1634 Gruental, Eltern: Johannes RUSS, RUOFF, von Gruental und Maria,
1.    Maria *14.10.1664
2.    Anna *2.2.1668
3.    Toechterlein +11.3.1669
4.    Michael *14.9.1673
Quelle: Frau Dr. Adler: Gruental F565, F898

Mitchell Staude

My translation: Hans Jakob Guth, overseer on the Austrian sheep farm, born about 1639 in Oberland Zürich (Switzerland), died 5th day after Epiphany in 1674 in Tumlingen. Parents were Jakob Guth and Barbara. Jakob married Eva Russ, born 23 Nov 1634 in Grüntal. Eva's parents were Johannes Russ (or Ruoff) from Grüntal and Maria.
However, this doesn't solve the problem of Matthaus' birth record. The Bissingen marriage record was clear that Matthaus Guth was the son of Jacob Guth from Dummlingen (Tumlingen, also spelled Thumlingen and Tummlingen in the records and it is common to use D for T). There is a Jacob Guth family in Tumlingen at the right time period, but there is no Matthaus Guth in the record. From the date of the marriage of Matthaus, 11 May 1700, I would say that he might have been born after Michael, the last child in the record. BTW, I had read the Tumlingen church records before receiving the ortssippenbucher quote and found the birth records of Maria, Anna, and Michael, as well as the marriage record of Jacob and Eva (which Frau Dr. Adler does not seem to have found). I did miss the record of the toechterlein (trans: unnamed little girl) on 11 March 1669, which I found later.

In another look at the Tumlingen microfilm today I found Jacob's death record listing his death date as 08 Feb 1674 and stating he was 35 years old. I also found a mini-family register with no children listed, but showing his death as 5 Epiph. 1674 (could be the 5th week of Epiphany which would be in February in our modern calendar). This mini-family register is essentially quoted word-for-word by Frau Dr. Adler in the Tumlingen Ortssippenbuch. Considering that Jacob died at the young age of 35, if she was pregnant at the time of Jacob's death, Eva may have gone back to her parent's home in Grüntal to have the last child, Matthaus. I guess Grüntal is the next place to look.


On to the Malmsheim church book microfims to get copies of the records of the Johann Conrad Collmer branch of the Held family. In the original search through these records, I did not take any copies. The birthday of Conrad is one of the issues to be resolved, because I have 2 dates, one on my first pass through the records and the other from Jürgen Emmler, another family researcher of this branch of our family. It turns out we both read the record wrong. The record clearly shows 18 June 1739 (18 in Roman numerals, XVIII). I also found the birth record of Anna Regina Mitchelin and several marriage records. However, the birth records of other ancestors in this line are still very illusive. The marriage records show a couple new family names in our ancestor list: Binders(?) from Magstadt and Kramers from Malmsheim.

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