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January 1999


Today I found the web page of Herb Meeks. Herb had his data published as BB's World Family Tree Vol. 1 #2553 that contained connections to the Lessigs (Frederick Christian's wife was a Lessig) of Armstrong Co. I had previously simply used his data, made the connection and gone on. I searched for an email address and never found one. When I found his web page his email address was there. This time I checked the connection and found Herbs data completely misses my Ggrandmother Susannah Amanda Lessig. In fact, he shows a different wife for Joseph Sands Lessig, than what is listed in the baptismal data for the Forks-Zion Church and who is quoted in the family history. Herb shows Joseph's wife as Elizabeth Allshouse, and I have data showing Mary Magdalene Allshouse and Christina Klingensmith. I have several messages to Herb to try to resolve the difference.


Received a response from Herb Meeks. He does not seem to have any source to indicate where his information comes from. The only way that both could be correct is if there were two Joseph Lessigs in the Armstrong Co area, however only one seems to be listed in the 1870 census. The circa 1870 map that Betty Blyholder sent me shows a J. Lessig lived about 200 yards south of Forks-Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at Forks Church, PA. It is a good likelihood that the church cemetery has his grave site and I just missed it last summer.


An update on two personal concerns of mine.

My Monorail portable computer (not a laptop) is still in the CompUSA shop after 3 months. When they finally gave it back to me just before Christmas, they (CompUSA) had totally destroyed it. It ran like a 25MHz CPU, instead of a 166MHz, and the screen only showed partially. I had a agreement with the shop that they would put my original mother board back and return my $930. Also, if the screen was bad, as they now say (they wanted another $900 to fix it), they were responsible, since it was fine when I took it in. Apparently, his boss did not agree. Although they did not inform me, they decided to communicate with Monorail and get it "properly" fixed. I will give them until tomorrow (2 weeks since returning it), and I will call Monorail again, and insist to CompUSA that my money and computer be returned, and they are still responsible if the screen is bad. My main concern is that there are still data on the hard drive that I need, since it was my main computer for over a year. I purchased that computer as a low cost alternative for an expensive laptop, but it's turning out to be more expensive than a laptop.

The BlueBanner/Broderbund/The Learning Company/Mattel World Family Tree group refuses to budge on correcting the submitter (me) for Volume 26 tree number 976. Every time I make a search on someone in our German family it makes a hit on that tree. There is no doubt it is mine and the person they have assigned it to says those family names are not in his family tree. I have been trying now since October for them to correct it, and they insist that they have it correct. The only recourse left to me is to announce the travesty on every message board I am on and see if I can get BB/TLC/Mattel WFT to move.

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