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October 1998

NOTE: Because of my computer problems and the delay in writing these notes there will be no datetag until I get caught up to date.

I have tried several times to get Broderbund to correct the submitter information for WFT Vol 26 #976 the FTM Tech message board. The only response by the FTM representative is for me to make a long distance toll call to CA, which I refuse to do. This was the last entry by him in FTM Tech before he went on a two week vacation. There is no email address or 800 number. I do not see why I should pay more to correct their error. I have other plans if they do not respond.

A new genealogy catalog arrived from Mechling Associates in Butler, PA. Mechling specializes in Western PA genealogy books and materials. There are several books that appear interesting. There are several old translations of W.PA baptismal records that could hold keys to some of our family records. For instance, there are three that are very promising: "Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church at Forks Church" (I have a small copy of this), "Harrold Zion Luthernan Church, Hempfield Twp, Westmoreland Co" and "Early German Reformed Churches - Northern Westmoreland and Southern Armstrong Counties" all by Paul Miller Ruff. There are also family books on the Klingensmiths, Smails, Wolfs, and many other W.PA families. If anyone is interested in this catalog you can call Mechling at 1-800-941-3735.


For those family members decended from Susie Edna Riggle, a new Reigel and derivatives message board has been started. Contact me if you are interested.

In that same vein there is also a mail list for the Allshouse decendents. Frederick Christian Held's wife Susannah Amanda's mother was an Allshouse. I have suggested they start a message board and they seemed to ignore the suggestion. As a result the address list is growing and growing. Contact me of you want to be added to the list.


I wrote two letters to be sent to Germany. One was to Karl Hoenle, the submitter of the LDS Ancestry file that contained Hans Held and Anna Sultzman in Donaueschingen, and the other to Pharrer Krauth in Öfingen a few miles away. I again imposed on Mike Pantel to translate them into German for me. They finally got mailed today.


Paul Burchfield, the Family Tree Maker online tech for the FTM message board, finally responded to my request for a non-cost way of getting the proper assignment of my WFT submittal. I'll wait a week and check to see if they corrected it.

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Copyright 1998 by Fred H. Held